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Ad Account Health

We’ve had a growing number of businesses of late asking for help, after finding their Facebook ad account and even Business Manager suspended or completely shut down.

So, we thought we would offer a basic guide to why this may happen and how to prevent it.

Things to be aware of:

1. Repeated Declined Payments
If you’re running ads and your credit card consistently declines, Facebook will ‘red flag’ your account and may suspend it if the pattern continues.

2. Repeatedly violating community guidelines on your Facebook page
This will result in a low page quality score that can put your ability to advertise at risk. Posting misleading content or inciting antisocial behavior can make your page look like a troublemaker and result in your ad account being banned.

3. Low Quality Ranking Scores for Facebook and Instagram Ads
Your ads will be scored for their accuracy and relevance for the targeted audience. Ads that get approved but are still considered to be low quality can also lead to your account being banned or taking longer in the future to get your ads approved. Ad quality is affected by things like:

• Using clickbait – using copy that doesn’t show all of the information or baits people to interact (“you won’t believe what happened next”)
• Too much text over an image (Ads with text covering more than 20% of the image), can reduce the reach and ad quality score. If you feel you’re not smart enough to work this out for yourself, Facebook has a tool for that: https://www.facebook.com/ads/tools/text_overlay
• Ads that get hidden or trigger users to “Hide All Ads From This Advertiser” will affect your ad quality score.

4. Poor Quality Landing Page
Facebook screens any links to websites or downloads to ensure they follow the same set of ad rules. Facebook will scan your landing page and apply their same screening tools to it. A low-quality experience on a landing page includes:

• Too many pop-ups or distractions
• Not enough information or a higher volume of advertising
• Misleading content or not relevant to the ad
• Crappy build such as broken links, low-quality images, videos that don’t play etc

Again, if you need help, Facebook has a tool for that! Go to https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug and paste your URL into the search box. Then click Debug. Facebook’s Sharing Debugger allows you to see what information Facebook is pulling through from your link or landing page. If you have a landing page that looks like it should be compliant with Facebook’s policies but still gets disapproved when used with your ad, use the debugging tool to make sure the information being pulled through is correct and no flagged terms or policy violations are hiding in the page description or metadata.

This process will also force Facebook to clear their cached version of your content if you’ve made changes to align your landing page with Facebook’s ad policies.

5. Repeated Facebook Ads Policy Violations
Everyone gets flagged for an ad breaking Facebooks policy every now and again (yes even us LOL) but if you consistently break the rules and get your ads disapproved, you’re running the risk of having your Facebook ad account shut down.

Does Facebook have a tool for that? Of course it does! This allows you to review your previously disapproved ads to see which policies you’ve broken and why your ads weren’t approved. You can also check the history of your ad account and monitor any ads that are under review or appeal.

To do this, open Facebook Business Manager and select Account Quality in the Create & Manage section and choose the date range you want to review from the calendar at the top right of the resulting page.

There are of course a load of rules to abide by when creating ads and we’ll cover that in our next blog post.