Agency Owned Ad Account – No Transparency




One of the services we offer is our ‘Facebook Hot Desk’. This is basically a ‘Help By The Hour’ option for when your business needs some Facebook help without having to sign up to a contract.

In the course of our work, we see a lot of things come in from the mundane to the truly absurd. So, we’ve decided to share some of them in our Blog in an effort help others who might find themselves in the same or similar situation.

In this report, the subject is:




We were contacted to assist a business owner who had hired another agency to run Ads for her, but she couldn’t see them and wasn’t sure why the Ad spend was as high as it was.



The agency had requested ownership of her Ad account to set up Ads. She was asked to approve and was told, “this will just give us access”. The agency had actually taken over ownership of her Ad account and her credit card details. She lost all access to this Ad account.
Looking into her accounts, we noted she had two business managers set up;

Business Manager A

  1. Primary page was one she no longer had published and wanted to delete.
  2. Two Ad accounts connected – one running Ads for her main page (housed on Business Manager 2) – which she didn’t even know about. This Ad account had spent $1500 every month for 6 months. The second Ad account has been disabled due to a violation.
  3. Two Pixels – neither active
  4. Two catalogues – both for WooCommerce for her current business, neither set up correctly.

Business Manager B

  1. Primary page belonged to her active business
  2. One inactive Ad account (old credit card)
  3. No Pixel
  4. Domain registered but not to the current website.
  5. Three catalogues half set up, none active, none functioning or connected to any social profiles.



Business Manager A;

  1. Turned off all Ads for the Ad account running to her official business page. Shared the audience created from engagement and video views across to her official Business Manager (B).
  2. Deleted both catalogues.
  3. Removed her access to the Ad accounts – so she didn’t accidentally use them when boosting posts.
  4. Disconnected the domain registration.

Business Manager B:

  1. Reclaimed her original Ad account from the agency.
  2. Connected the agency via the partnership portal and allocated appropriate access.
  3. Registered the domain.
  4. Created a Pixel in the Business Manager and linked it to the active Ad account.
  5. Installed Pixel on website using CAPI (Conversions API).
  6. Linked the Pixel, Ad accounts, domain and social profiles correctly.
  7. Set up the catalogue correctly using her new Shopify platform and data upload via Shopify feed.
  8. Connected catalogue to Facebook and Instagram profiles.
  9. Instructed client how to set up spend limits on the account due to the lack of trust she now had in the other agency.