Business Partner Lost All Access To Their Social Media Assets

Business Partner Lost All Access To Their Social Media Assets



One of the services we offer is our ‘Facebook Hot Desk’. This is basically a ‘Help By The Hour’ option for when your business needs some Facebook help without having to sign up to a contract.

In the course of our work, we see a lot of things come in from the mundane to the truly absurd. So, we’ve decided to share some of them in our Blog in an effort help others who might find themselves in the same or similar situation.

In this report, the subject is:

Business Partner Lost All Access To Their Social Media Assets



One of two business partners had lost all access to their business profiles (Instagram and Facebook) and neither could boost posts.



Business Manager has been set up for the Pages (completed by us on a pervious call). Partner 1 has full access to the Business Manager, Pages and Instagram profile. Partner 1 had changed the password to the social media accounts and “logged out all other users”.

Looking into the Business Manager: Facebook had disabled the Ad account and Pixel in the Business Manager. Partner 2 had all access revoked.

When partner 2 tried to login to Instagram an error message was received. Instagram account was no longer connected to the Business Manager but was still connected to the Facebook page.



We set up a Zoom session to follow the screen. Partner 2 did not have two factor authentication activated on his personal profile. Ensured this was set up and working.

Deleted the Instagram account from Partner 2 phone and ensured Partner 2 did not have any access to the Facebook or Instagram account – as it seemed the issues were with his account. We needed to ensure the rest of the set up was secure and working well, to pinpoint where the issues really lay.

Working with Partner 1 only:
Verified Partner 1 identity with Facebook (by sending a copy of his drivers license to Facebook via the Account Quality link). Sent through an appeal to reactivate the Business Manager – this had been disabled as the Ad account and Pixel had not been used since it was set up. Appeal was approved within 20 minutes.

With a fully functional Business Manager we went through the process of reconnecting the Instagram profile to the Business Manager. We relinked the Ad account and Pixel to the Facebook page and Instagram account.

We then re-added Partner 2. Once he had been added and given all permissions, we reconnected the Instagram profile to his phone without issue.

Note: Sometimes things just need a reset, but there is an order in which this should be done and in such a way that didn’t result in losing all access to all the accounts.