Facebook Grey Account

Facebook Grey Account


Have you been getting the warning that your “Facebook Grey Account” will be deleted soon? This is NOT a hoax. It will! And unless you’ve got your business pages set up correctly, you can and will lose access to them.

What is a ‘Facebook Grey Account’?

Years back when business profiles first came out, Facebook (AKA Meta) allowed you to open a profile (not linked to your personal profile) specifically to login and manage this business page.

This profile is commonly known as a ‘Grey Account’.

Facebook is now in the process of closing them down as they are not secure, and a lot of pages are being hacked due to these known security issues.

How do you know if you have a ‘Facebook Grey Account’?

If you don’t have a business page, or if you only login to your business page via your personal profile, this notice won’t apply to you.

Also, if you did have a grey account, you’d be warned if the deletion every time you used it.

What you should do if you have a ‘Facebook Grey Account’.

Don’t worry, you can save your page, but you need to act sooner rather than later. You will have 30 days to prepare for the disabling of your page by doing any of the options below:

• Use your existing standard personal account
• Move ownership of any Pages or groups you manage, by granting your standard account full access to the Page or group, and using your standard account to manage them moving forward
• Download your information
• Delete your grey account or wait for it to be automatically disabled

Alternatively, contact us and we can help you secure your page(s).