Facebook Page Vanished – Possible Terms of Service Violation

Facebook Page Vanished – Possible Terms of Service Violation



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In this report, the subject is:

Facebook Page Vanished – Possible Terms of Service Violation



Facebook page has vanished. Page owners are worried that it had been hacked and deleted.
Possible link to a notification of Facebook Terms of Service violation?
The owners of this page were very concerned as a huge proportion of their enquiry and sales came directly from page posts.



The Facebook page was indeed missing. Website searches found content that was active on the page, however, when clicking on this content, it resulted in a broken link (page not found). The Instagram account was still active and showing a link to the Facebook profile, but again, when trying to post or connect to the profile in any way, an error resulted.

There were three people connected to the page, but they did not all have full admin rights. There was a fake personal profile that had been set up as an admin and this was used to login and post to the page.

A notification that the page had violated one of Facebooks Terms of Service was found on the Facebook platform. No apparent emails had been received with any details. Upon following the “appeal” link – Facebook asked for more detail and the case number from the original infringement notice – of which the owner couldn’t provide.



We knew the appeal process was possibly going to take some time, and every day without a Facebook profile was a day without enquiry. To cover us while we did the research and appeals, we set up a new Facebook profile for the Business. Using the ad account (that had not been deleted with the page) we were able to run ads to the existing audience as well as lookalike audiences.

Upon dealing with the Facebook rep directly, it was established that the page had not been hacked, it had been removed due to the apparent violation.

To appeal the page visibility, the violation needed to be addressed, by providing the information Facebook had sent in the initial notification. Without access to the page, we needed to work out why none of the admins had received this notification. We discovered that the Fake profile was the one that had been sent the violation notice – to the email address that it had been set up on. This email was no longer in use, so we had to get it reinstated and go through the archived emails.

The original email was located, and we were able to appeal the violation using this standard link: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/473125450092517

This appeal took 72 hours.

Once the page had been reinstated, we connected the business social profiles to the Business Manager correctly. Everyone connected to the BM and had two factor authentication activated. Admin access was granted to two people (for security) and notifications were turned on, via email – to a valid email address.

The second profile that had been set up was unpublished and an appeal to merge the two pages was put in place – and granted.