Facebook to limit number of ads Pages can run simultaneously

Facebook to limit number of ads Pages

Facebook has announced that it will be limiting the number of ads a single Facebook page can run at the same time. The new changes plan to be implemented in mid 2020 but “will only affect a small percentage of advertisers”.

Why would Facebook actively limit its revenue earning potential you ask? Quite simple, they’re not! If big advertisers complain about the effectiveness of their ads, they may start looking at spending their marketing budget elsewhere.

Facebook said “We’re implementing ad limits because very high ad volume can hinder an advertiser’s performance. With too many ads running at the same time, fewer ads exit the learning phase and more budget is spent before the delivery system can optimise an ad’s performance.”

Just how many they are limiting it to is yet to be determined – keep watching this space.

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Facebook is phasing out the 10-second video view metric and the 10 second video views optimisation, both metrics are now being depreciated and replaced with Video Views and ThruPlay optimisation. Video Views are classified as any video play (exceeding 2 seconds) ThruPlay is classified as a video watched for 15 seconds or through it’s entirety – whichever comes first.

Facebook reminded marketers using the Marketing API that, beginning March 31, 2020, they must identify whether or not new and edited campaigns belong to a Special Ad Category(ads promoting housing, employment or credit services and products).