Make sure you own your Facebook Pixel data!

Make sure you own your Facebook Pixel data!

Scruples, it shouldn’t be hard, should it? Maybe just know your job, how about that?

It seems for some (or evidently quite a lot), that scruples and/or knowledge is optional when it comes to their agency. Time and time again, we are witnessing new customers moving over to us with years of Facebook Pixel data lost forever because their previous social media agency or ‘guru’ is either evil or ignorant. Sounds a little harsh I agree, but that’s the only thing we can assume. I’ll paint the picture of what happened this week in particular as an example.

For reference, we’ll call the unethical agency in question “Agent Scam” and our new client we’ll call “Poor Client”.

Agent Scam had installed their own Facebook Pixel onto Poor Clients website (instead of Poor Clients own Pixel). “So what’s the big deal?”, I hear you say. The big deal is, Agent Scam are using that same pixel on all of their clients’ websites. This means they are collecting data from not only Poor Client, but all their other clients (including potential competitors of Poor Client) and SHARING that info across them all.

This means Poor Client is paying big $$$$ and their potential competitors are reaping the benefit of that data! Also, when Poor Client left Agency Scam, they lost all access to the data they’ve spent time and money on growing which is rightfully theirs.

But wait, surely Agent Scam would be happy to create an audience with the pixel data and then share that audience across to Poor Clients Business Manager? Well, you would think so if scruples were a thing for them, but no. So not only has Agent Scam stolen their customers data, they are now refusing to give it back!

Surely, as an agency, if you didn’t know how to correctly set up a Business Manager, you would find out? Alternatively, if you do know and you’re still pulling this skulduggery over your clients, maybe it’s time to get a soul!

As a client working with any digital agency, social media agency or indeed ‘guru’, please, please, please make sure they know how to and will set up your Pixel correctly and ethically BEFORE spending big money on them. The data is yours and you’re paying for it, so make sure you own it!