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A little about our home and who lives here

We are not a “Jack of all trades” agency

Instead, we are a dedicated social media agency specialising in Facebook and focusing on two specialist areas of social media marketing – the only ones that actually matter – Sales and Engagement.

With over a decades worth of experience behind us, we help you generate revenue and exposure through professional Social Media Training, Social Media Marketing and Social Media Management.

Officially starting in the third quarter of 2011, our team have been driving sales and engagement via Facebook as far back as 2008 helping many people and businesses including Red Bull athletes, global brands, national brands, ASX listed companies, franchises, independent businesses and SME’s.

The difference between our agency and all the rest is a little old fashioned – we have scruples. We take the time to understand your needs and concerns and will never gamble with your trust – or with our reputation. If we believe we can help you, we will. If we can’t, we’ll tell you. We are honest, open and will always offer our best advice.

Based in North Brisbane, we of course serve South East Queensland being Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. However, we also serve clients based in other capital cities around Australia and indeed internationally including Malaysia, Europe and the United States. Thanks to the industry we’re in, geography does not limit our service area. So, wherever you are in the world, we can help. After all, it’s not about us, it’s always about you.


Desré is our Co-founder, General Manager and Facebook Überlord. She oversees all of Blue Flame’s clients, personally manages a select number of them and also carries out all training.


Michael is our Co-founder and the sole Director of Blue Flame with 20 years experience in online marketing.


Ali is our Social Media Co-ordinator. She has a post graduate in journalism and media studies and manages a select number of clients. She also assists Desré with some of her larger clients.


Emil is our Customer Service Manager and our ‘man on the ground’ who’s constantly chatting with someone – whether it’s potential, new or existing clients. If he finds an opportunity to help, he’s on it.


Craig is our resident Graphic Überdesigner. His expertise derives from extensive experience with global brands and ad agencies.


Jared is our resident Web Designer and SEO specialist. His expertise derives from extensive experience with agencies & in-house roles.

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