We Are Not An Award Hungry “Jack Of All Trades” Social Media Agency

Instead, we are a purposely small, bespoke social media agency specialising in Facebook. We don’t hunger for awards in an effort to demonstrate how successful we are. We simply let our clients do the talking.

With our average client lifespan now in the 5+ years and averaging an ROAS of 1:24 or 2,400%, that’s the only pat on the back we need.


Average Return On Ad Spend


Average Client Lifespan

The people behind our agency

Officially starting in the third quarter of 2011, our team have been driving sales and engagement via Facebook as far back as 2008 helping many people and businesses including Red Bull athletes, global brands, national brands, ASX listed companies, franchises, independent businesses and SME’s.

With 13 years worth of Facebook experience behind us, we help you generate revenue and exposure through professional Social Media Training, Social Media Marketing and Social Media Management.

The difference between our social media agency and all the rest is a little old fashioned – we have scruples. We take the time to understand your needs and concerns and will never gamble with your trust – or with our reputation. If we believe we can help you, we will. If we can’t, we’ll tell you. We are honest, open and will always offer our best advice.

Based in North Brisbane, we of course serve South East Queensland being Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. However, we also serve clients based in other capital cities around Australia and indeed internationally including Malaysia, Europe and the United States. Thanks to the industry we’re in, geography does not limit our service area. So, wherever you are in the world, we can help. After all, it’s not about us, it’s always about you.

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Co-founder and Facebook Überlord
Desré oversees all of Blue Flame’s clients and also carries out all training
Mike Tate - Blue Flame Social Media


Co-founder & Sole Director
Michael drives the business and has 20 years multifaceted experience in online marketing

Endorsed By The Best!

The Head of Digital for Moet Hennessey Australia and New Zealand, gives his opinion of our very own Facebook Überlord and social media agency co-founder, Desré!

“I would say Desré has got some of the most in depth knowledge of Facebook advertising and Business Manager than probably anyone I have ever met before. Having Desré on board has really helped us in terms of taking it to the next level in regards of execution. I highly recommend Desré to anyone who’s thinking about working with her”.

Desrés’ Story

Online Social Media Marketing Course - Des on Falls
Online Social Media Marketing Course - Red Bull Winning Photo

Desrés’ first major success story was in photography, coming from obscurity in 2001 through to being one of the world’s leading and most recognised white water sport photographers by 2004. Indeed, the most published white water sports photographer in North America for two years in a row and the very first female to ever win the Red Bull Illume in 2007, taking out two awards – Lifestyle and Athlete’s Choice.

In 2008, at the peak of her photography career, she was involved with marketing Red Bull and Teva athletes and had the idea to use a relatively new online medium that was only 4 years old – Facebook! She then slid into marketing her own work with the unique advantage of understanding what resonates with audiences having seen how her content was being used and consumed in the media ranging from National Geographic through to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not and national newspapers. Her knowledge and experience grew and developed until my she started Blue Flame Social Media with her husband in 2011.

Personally, she now has over 100,000 posts created, posted and managed (and counting), Ads and strategy for hundreds of businesses, both big and small, across multiple industries and millions of dollars in Ad spend under her belt. As a result, she is now a trusted advisor and trainer for global brands and media agencies.

Media/Interview Enquiries
If you’d like to feature Desré as a guest expert on your TV, radio, newspaper, magazine or podcast show, please contact us.

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