Responsive Web Design

What’s that?

Self-Optimising Websites

Responsive web design enables a website to self-optimise (adjust) its layout in accordance with what the user is viewing the website through i.e. a 60 inch flat screen TV, a laptop, a tablet or smartphone screen etc. For example, a responsive website viewed on a desktop computer may have a horizontally arranged navigation bar, but when the same site is viewed on a mobile device, the style of navigation changes to a vertically stacked set of links or buttons.

If you’re thinking “I’ve only just got my website built a year ago and don’t need this” – think again! In late April 2015, Google updated it’s algorithm to give preference to mobile friendly websites in Google’s mobile search results. So whether you already have a website or not, here are four very good reasons why you should have a responsive website:

  1. Mobile internet usage overtook desktop internet usage in 2014
  2. Google now gives preference to mobile friendly websites.
  3. One half of all local internet searches are performed on mobile devices
  4. 39% of instances where a consumer walks out of a store without buying were influenced by smartphones

To achieve great, easily manageable and SEO optimised sites we use WordPress, a premier blogging tool that has evolved over the years to become a great choice for marketing websites. Many famous brands use WordPress for their website such as The Rolling Stones, Forbes and Mashable.

Our web developers have extensive experience in WordPress, HTML/CSS, XHTML, PHP, Javascript and MySQL. They also develop and can modify popular plug-ins. Their attention to detail and excellent problem solving skills ensure your website will be to an optimum level.

User Friendly CMS

As part of our responsive web design build, we will include a very easy to use CMS (content management system) that will enable you to manage, edit or update the website yourself quickly and easily. Along with handover, we will take the time to walk you through the back office and teach you everything you need to know.


A key advantage of building websites using WordPress is it comes with very clean code and an SEO friendly URL structure. It’s a great tool for search engine optimisation because it’s built around the search engines guidelines outlined and launched by Google. Satisfying those guidelines, naturally becomes easier and once the website is built, all that’s needed is to add the content. But how do you know your content is helping or hindering?

Our web build service also includes a self-analysing SEO tool that’s extremely easy to use. It literally helps you write better content by forcing you to choose a focus keyword, and then makes sure you use that focus keyword everywhere. Once you think you’re done, it will then inspect the page and come up with suggestions on how to improve it. It also comes with video tutorials that you can refer to whenever you need them.

If you would like further information or are interested in getting started, contact us to make an appointment on 1300 306 109