We love speaking to many different businesses from many different industries. Day to day we speak to some pretty switched on businesses but unfortunately though, the flip side is, we speak to some absolute morons too.

Take social media moron ‘a’ for example: They are a considerable business that presently have over 400 likes on an uncliamed Facebook page with over 50 people talking about them in any given week. Unfortunately, they’ve decided not to claim the page and embrace social media incase they “get a negative comment”.

However, if you think that’s bad, moron ‘b’ has the award for the most idiotic business in 2014 so far. This business currently has 900 likes, 100 people talking in any given week and just under 14,000 check-ins. They have actively decided not to claim their page and engage in social media because they feel their website gets enough visits!?

So in honour of these businesses, we have a great little 10 point guide that will hopefully educate and help ease them into embracing social media.

  1. Your competition is doing it. Most of them are not even doing it well. That gives you a massive opportunity to eclipse them.
  2. Reach people where they are already. One in two Australians has a Facebook page and check it every day. Social media reaches people where they are already talking, but also in a more engaging environment. You are not so much interrupting their activity but participating in it. And that is called a big fat huge win!
  3. You can be highly targeted. Can you target your TV, billboard or radio ad only to males between the age of 34 and 55 based in a specific location? No you cannot, Facebook can.
  4. Engagement + personality + customer service = success. For example, ask any car dealership what separates them from the rest and you get “our customer service”. How on earth do you project that in a magazine or radio ad apart from a one liner saying “we have great customer service”? And who would be stupid enough to believe it? A Facebook page lets you project your customer service for all to see on a daily basis. If you really do have great customer service, it will become self-evident and that’s a powerful advertisement called REPUTATION!
  5. Purchase validator. People use Facebook to help them decide what to purchase and where. If I can buy the exact same car from two different dealerships at the exact same price, why would I purchase from one rather than the other? The answer is, I want to know I’m going to be looked after once I’ve driven out of the showroom. So as a consumer, I check out Facebook to see what their following is like, are they engaging with their customers, do they actually have great customer service or do they not even have a page – or if so a stale one at that demonstrating no interest in their clients once the deal is done?
  6. Money saving. Think of the money you’re currently spending advertising and promoting your business and sending people to your website or brick and mortar store. If they get to your shop or website, look around but don’t purchase straight away, will they ever come back? More importantly will you ever get the chance to market to them again without spending the same amount doing the same advertising/promotion? Probably not. But get these people on Facebook for instance and you can promote to them where they check every day, in an engaging environment, for free, forever!
  7. Endorsement. Liking your Facebook Page is not only openly endorsing you to their entire networks, but gives you permission to massage them with self-serving messages within their very own Facebook news feed for ever after. How many people will tell their friends they subscribed to your email list? Or visited your website? Probably none. But get them to like your Facebook Page and all of a sudden a whole heap of their friends and family will see that (whether they like it or not).
  8. Scalable. Social media is completely scalable. You don’t have to go all out and sign up to every single channel and spend millions of dollars getting yourself socialised. Just start out slow and easy by using one channel (probably Facebook) first and build it up slowly testing the waters as you go. If you outsource this to experts, they have the appropriate risk-mitigating strategies ready and waiting for you and if you have that covered before you start, where exactly is the risk?
  9. Not having the time or knowledge is not an excuse not to participate. What do you do if you need a new phone line into your business? Get someone in to install it for you. What do you do if you don’t’ have time to answer that new phone? Get someone in to answer it for you. What do you do if you need to design a new print advert? Get someone in to do it for you. What do you do if you know nothing about social media and don’t have the time or staff to manage it? Hide under a rock and pray we somehow go back in time to the 1990’s? How about get someone in to install it, answer it and manage it. Are we learning yet?
  10. If your business doesn’t have a Facebook page, customers think you haven’t got a clue or don’t care.

So any way you look at this, not having a Facebook page for your business seems to only produce negative opinions from pre-existing or potential customers. The sooner you embrace it, the better.