Practical face-to-face social media training with a genuine Social Media Manager

Let’s be clear, this is not just another form of generic social media training you would find anywhere else!

What you’ll learn is essentially how we do it – what a professional social media agency does to generate success for their clients, what you specifically should be doing and how to do it.

You’ll be exposed to a decade’s worth of knowledge and experience. That translates to about 270,000 posts created, posted and monitored (and counting), ads and strategy for hundreds of businesses, both big and small, across multiple industries and hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad spend.

This is a genuine opportunity to get the inside track on how to succeed with Facebook including:

Business Manager

This is your command centre! We'll ensure you understand it, we'll set it up if required or ensure it has been set up correctly and show you how to navigate your way around.


We'll cover everything from how to create an audience, where to look, de-duping, evergreen, warm, cold and lookalike audiences.

Posting Strategy

This where experience and the 'art' of social comes into play! We'll cover such topics as how to post, types of post, when to post, relating to your audience, personas, voice consistency, content, the Facebook algorithm and general strategy.

Facebook Ads

This is a big one! We'll cover as much as we can including such topics as ad creation, implementation, split testing, re-targeting, the Facebook Pixel, how to optimise, scaling and funnelling.

Do's & Don'ts

As we progress through the training, you'll pick up lot's of general hits, tips, tricks and golden rules to abide by.

Ask Questions

This is not classroom teaching! We will be working specifically on YOUR business and what's relevant to you. So when you have questions, just ask!

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Do you have a specific problem or are you simply aware you need help with your social media? Maybe your staff could do with some social media training? No matter your situation, we can help. Our social media managers can identify any problems or simply solve specific issues dependent on your requirements.

If you’re unsure of what issues could exist, here’s a few we commonly see:

  • Has your Facebook page been set up properly?
  • Are you operating through Business Manager or a personal profile?
  • Who owns the advertising account?
  • Do you have past employees who still have access to your page(s)?
  • Are your campaigns running as they should?
  • Are you using a Facebook pixel?
  • Do you have a strategy in place? If so, are you driving sales and/or engagement from it?

Got a Hippo Problem?

What about the key decision makers of the business? Is your business suffering from ‘Hippos’ (Highest Paid Persons Opinion)? In many organisations, the highest paid person in the organisation very often has no clue about social media marketing or thinks it’s something for the receptionist, office junior or indeed the IT department.

So, when this person dictates strategies and tactics, you’re going to run into trouble. We’ve witnessed time and time again that the most senior people in business ‘don’t know what they don’t know’ when it comes to most things social. Fair enough, but if this sounds like your business, have the moxie to own up and come talk to us, our social media training can bring you up to speed to enable you to make an educated decision either way.

Hate Outsourcing?

Perhaps, you have an aversion to outsourcing, and prefer to have internal staff trained to bring them up to speed with all the changes within Facebook? Is your existing social media manager actually achieving something from your social media efforts or is it just another task in their day with no specific goal or outcome? Are they posting directly on Facebook the correct way or through a social platform?


We offer standard social media training elements over one, two or three days. This can be done either in-house or at our offices here in North Lakes.

Alternatively, we offer training on specific subject matter according to your needs and requirements.

We can also come in on a consultancy basis to resolve specific problems or indeed locate any that may exist and offer solutions. This can also include a full systems analysis of external elements critical to the success of any social media campaign, including offline elements and even staff.


Give us a call on 1300 306 109 and tell us about your particular situation. If you prefer, we can meet face to face instead. Once we have an understanding of your requirements we will quote for any work up front, plus any outcomes that may result from it.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for someone to just do it all for you, you should be looking at our Facebook Management service.