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Real World Social Media Training

Let’s be clear, this is not just another generic social media training course you will find anywhere else. This is not a gimmick and it is not a special “hack”! This is a genuine opportunity to get the inside track on how to succeed with Facebook by our social media agency opening its doors to you.

What you’ll learn is essentially how we do it – what a professional social media agency does to generate success for their clients, what you specifically should be doing, and how to do it.

Our Facebook training is a one-to-one course offered over 1, 2 or 3 days with additional days available if required and a maximum of up to three people in attendance. The amount of subjects covered, how much time is spent on each and how in depth we go is entirely subjective dependent on your requirements and current level of ability. If you would rather spend more time on a certain subject at the cost of others you feel comfortable with, that is what we will do. If you are a complete beginner, we obviously cannot turn you into an industry expert in just 3 days! We can however, take you to a level of competency enabling you to confidently manage a successful social media campaign.

Training can be carried out either at your location or ours and will expose you to a decade’s worth of knowledge and experience. That translates to about 270,000 posts created, posted and monitored (and counting), ads and strategy for hundreds of businesses, both big and small, across multiple industries and over a million dollars in ad spend. Topics include:

Business Manager

Take control of your command centre! We’ll ensure you understand it, can set up correctly and show you how to navigate your way around.

Posting Strategy

This is where experience and the ‘art’ of social comes into play! We’ll cover such topics as how to post, types of post, when to post, relating to your audience, personas, voice consistency, content, the Facebook algorithm and general strategy.

Facebook Ads

The big one! We’ll cover as much as we can including such topics as ad creation, implementation, split testing, re-targeting, the Facebook Pixel, how to optimise, scaling and funnelling.


We’ll cover everything from how to create an audience, where to look, de-duping, evergreen, warm, cold and lookalike audiences.

Do’s And Don’ts

As we progress through the training, you’ll pick up lot’s of general hints, tips, tricks and golden rules to abide by.

Ask Questions

This is not classroom teaching! We will be working specifically on YOUR business and what’s relevant to you. So when you have questions, just ask!

Endorsed by the best

“Highly recommend the in-house training. Desre’s in-depth understanding of Facebook business manager with its many nuances was exceptional. We took great value from the sessions, so much so that two participants said it was the most enjoyable and useful training they’d ever received.”

— Gavin Merriman | Head of Digital

Your Trainer

All training is written and carried out by our Co-Founder, Desré Tate.

Desrés’ first major success story was in photography, coming from obscurity in 2001 through to being one of the world’s leading and most recognised white water sport photographers by 2004. Indeed, the most published white water sports photographer in North America for two years in a row and the very first female to ever win the Red Bull Illume in 2006, taking out two awards – Lifestyle and Athlete’s Choice.

In 2008, she began promoting and marketing Red Bull and Teva athletes via a relatively new online medium that was only 4 years old – Facebook!

Since then her knowledge and experience has grown and developed until she and her husband started Blue Flame Social Media in 2011. With a decade’s worth of posts, strategy and marketing for hundreds of businesses, both big and small, across multiple industries and over a million dollars in advertising spend behind her, you could say she knows quite a bit!

It was only in the middle of 2018 that Desré decided to begin teaching with a considerable number of business owners, students and marketing executives immediately seizing the opportunity to learn from the best. As a result, her time is now very much in demand.

Keisha from Kedron-Wavell Services Club explains…

…how the course opened their eyes to what Facebook is capable of. As a result of training with Desré, they have changed their strategy, streamlined their work flow and they are now selling out events in record time.

  • There are no gimmicks, tricks or ‘special hacks’, just pure, real world knowledge that’s continually updated


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