Real World Facebook Marketing & Management Training With Our Social Academy

This is an Online Social Media Marketing Course unlike any other. There are no sensationalist claims, no idealism, no waffle, no gimmicks or ‘special hacks’, just pure, real world knowledge that’s continually updated.

I will take you through every single element of Facebook Marketing and Management you’ll need to succeed no matter your situation or background. This is an Online Social Media Marketing Course for the real world, and you can take that to the bank, literally!

Course Overview

Course Curriculum

Learning Facebook is now easier than ever with my Online Social Media Marketing Course tutorial videos. I’ve developed as step-by-step learning sequence with short, easily consumable videos that get straight to the point, teaching you why as well as how – giving you a more in-depth knowledge of Facebook.

Each and every subject is broken down into sections enabling you to find and select exactly what you want to learn.

Facebook Fundamentals

  • Page Setup
  • Page Settings
  • Messaging
  • Understanding Insights
  • Publishing Tools
  • Rogue Pages & Location Management
  • Social Media Policy
  • + Much More

Facebook Business Manager

  • Business Manager Setup
  • Settings
  • Offline Event Setup
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Standard Events
  • Custom Conversions
  • Diagnostics
  • Catalogues
  • Audiences
  • Ad Account Setup
  • Creating Ads
  • Campaigns, Ad Sets and Ads
  • + Much More

Facebook Management

  • Post Planning
  • Organic Engagement
  • Post Frequency
  • The Perfect Post
  • Never Boost A Post Again
  • Monitoring, Responding & Reviews
  • Competitions
  • Hashtags
  • + Much More

Facebook Marketing

  • Understanding The Sales Funnel
  • Creating A Sales Funnel From Conception To Implementation
  • Funnel Types
  • Budget Management
  • Split Testing
  • Social Proofing
  • Scaling
  • Assessing & Managing Results
  • Ads & Programs We Use
  • + Much More

Built For SME Businesses

  • Save Money
  • Stop Outsourcing
  • Upskill Internal Staff
  • Keep Marketing In-House
  • Create Awareness
  • Drive Engagement
  • Market Successfully With Facebook Ads
  • Drive A Solid Return On Investment
  • Gain more knowledge than some digital agencies have on their entire team. Trust me on that one!
  • Get Real World Knowledge
  • Get support when you need it
  • Upskill
  • Fill in the blanks in your knowledge base
  • Pick and choose the topics you need help with
  • Get help with your campaigns

Find Out More

Let me take you through a more detailed guide on what to expect, including some examples of my training videos, the LMS and supported learning via the Private Facebook Group.

Hard Evidence
And Solid Numbers

With 12 years experience and 10 years as Social Media Agency owner, this is what I’m producing for my clients. If you want solid proof of what I can do, here it is. More importantly, if you want to know how I achieve this, sign up to my course now.

Social Media Marketing Example of Results showing a ROAS of 1:52

Endorsed By The Best!

The Head of Digital for Moet Hennessey Australia and New Zealand, gives his opinion of yours truely.

“I would say Desré has got some of the most in depth knowledge of Facebook advertising and Business Manager than probably anyone I have ever met before. I highly recommend the in-house training. We took great value from the sessions, so much so that two participants said it was the most enjoyable and useful training they’d ever received.”

A Few Google Reviews From My Students

Dana Weil
Dana Weil
01:33 17 Jun 21
I actually wanted to wait a few days before writing this review so that I could see results, but I started seeing the amazing results already the day after...I did a 1 on 1 course with Desré, and I cannot recommend this more. She is patient, so professional, friendly, informative and an excellent mentor. I really enjoyed our time together and I feel so much more confident running social ads on the different platforms. Thank you so much, and looking forward to chatting again soon!
00:44 23 May 21
Desre and the team at Blue Flame have a wealth of knowledge & skills to share. We found working with them extremely insightful & rewarding. The training sessions were well structured, easy to follow, and covered off on areas applicable to our industry, venues and existing staff skill levels. We are now in the process of putting all that we have learnt into action and we are excited to see the results. Thanks Desre & the Blue Flame team!
Paul Goldfinch
Paul Goldfinch
02:19 15 Mar 21
We engaged Blue Flame Social Media to assist us with an issue we had with Facebook. From the outset they were professional and responsive, engaging directly with people at Facebook and quickly making progress with the issue. Within two weeks, Blue Flame had resolved the issue, something others hadn’t been able to achieve in 4 months. I would not hesitate in recommending Blue Flame to anyone requiring assistance with social media. Desre in particular, was a great help and very professional.
The Doctor's Kitchen Australia
The Doctor's Kitchen Australia
23:14 12 Mar 21
Gait Way
Gait Way
05:36 12 Mar 21
Blue Flame Social Media offers an absolute comprehensive service, affording one confidence in marketing ideas and implementation. Desre' and Mike have been working with Social Media Marketing for a good length of time. Their social media marketing service is professional, knowledgeable translating into effective measurable outcomes. A highly recommended team.
Kate Mayne
Kate Mayne
04:35 28 Oct 20
Great day, so much information delivered to us in an easy to understand way. Desre was very patient as we had limited tech skills & internet issues.
Daniel Mccabe
Daniel Mccabe
03:57 06 Oct 20
We are an energy reduction company who specialize in solar power and have been trading for 10-years. During that time we have had a few digital marketing employees and run countless Facebook ad campaigns. We did one-on-one training with Desre and we found lots of new ways to get better value from our ad spend. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to improve ROI on social media spend.
Madeleine Connor
Madeleine Connor
02:18 16 Jul 20
UPDATE: I left a review of the training day, but now I’ve had a chance to properly implement the training for what I consider to be reaaaaally good results.In the last 10 days:• We’ve had our best Social Media sales month on record – record number of sales and purchase value• This is coinciding with our sales amount increasing steadily every month since implementing the funnel / strategy• This week we’ve had our highest sale ever go through from a Bottom of Funnel ad• One of our other external SEO agencies asked what agency we use for our social media marketing (lol, it's ME.)• Recovered legacy spend on social media – we’re now miles ahead and look to keep goingINITIAL REVIEW OF TRAINING SESSION:Great Advanced Facebook Advertising training day, really hands on, heaps of tips and the day was structured and planned bespoke to our business. Desré Tate is extremely knowledgeable to the latest Facebook updates (and what that means for your business) and setting up full funnels to best suit your business.
Bookings Glowing Rooms
Bookings Glowing Rooms
08:21 22 Apr 20
I have just had a one on one coaching Session with Desre via Zoom. I was hesitant before taking a one on one via Zoom because i thought I need to be in the same room with the teacher to be able to absorb all the lessons. It was super easy and no different than being in the same room with the teacher. Desre did an amazing Job and worked at my pace and made sure that i understood every single step. Even when I was a bit quiet (and i must have looked unsure ) she asked if I have understood why we are doing this particular thing. I am blown away by the possibilities that i have and quite surprised/angry that other agencies who managed my ad account previously didnt use/know them. Highly recommend her training
Therese Linton
Therese Linton
06:10 31 Mar 20
We had absolutely no idea what we were doing with Facebook ads until Desre came and spent two days with us and restructured our entire approach. Her training and advice has improved our ads 1000% and we now have the skills to do even more ourselves without needing to pay social media agency. The value and benefits of competency based consulting is amazing!
Mark Christofides
Mark Christofides
08:34 26 Feb 20
I spent 2 days with the team at Blue Flame and it was simply excellent!Their knowledge, advice and experience has surpassed anything I have experienced to date and this is compared to the 10's of thousands of dollars I have invested in working with agencies, online and F2F training.I have a complex group of businesses and Blue Flame were able to analyse, develop and advise on how to structure, optimise and leverage my social media marketing assets and how to save a boat load of time in ongoing maintenance of these systems.It was like being given the secrets of a professional digital agency, not too mention that their Help Desk system is there for any ongoing questions.Thank you to Desre and the team for helping me navigate through the minefield of challenges in such a short period of time.
Ulu Hye
Ulu Hye
04:32 24 Oct 19
We cannot recommend Des and the team at Blue Flame highly enough. We received 3 solid days of training where we can now, comfortably and successfully, take our business to the next level through Facebook. The training has been invaluable and we are so grateful we found them.
Tara Endenburg
Tara Endenburg
23:48 09 Sep 19
I had two days of one-on-one training with Desre and thought it was extremely valuable. As my understanding of Facebook advertising was fairly limited, it was great to run through the basics of understanding the platform. Learning about the ins and outs, little tricks about the algorithm and just things you need to know. After that we actually created audiences, campaigns and ads based on this knowledge. The combination of the tactics, practical stuff and explanation/examples based on my organisation/industry was very helpful for me. Desre was very patient, explains thoroughly and makes you think about what you are doing and it was a comfortable and enjoyable environment in their office. I loved it and would definitely recommend it!

Heidi and Vasia from Ulu Hye explain…

…how they learnt “everything”. After entering into three days training with Desré knowing only how to post, they finished with a fully operational sales funnel based campaign.

Get Access Now

I know how much value this online social media marketing course will bring you and I also know your return on investment (ROI) is potentially monumental! That’s why this course was originally priced at $2,495. However, two months before its release, COVID-19 happened. After it launched, I received lots of emails from businesses all with the same story that whilst they desperately needed the training, because of the fallout from COVID-19, they just couldn’t afford it.

In light of the calls for help, I made a positive business decision to permanently reduce the price from $2,495 to just $500 in an effort to help. So, as you decide to click on the green button to get started, consider the course already very much discounted!

Facebook Marketing & Management Training

Online Training Course
$500 /  +GST
12 Months Membership
  • 10+ Hours of Training
  • 90+ Lessons
  • 12 Month Membership
  • 24/7 Access and Course Updates
  • Ongoing Training Support via Private Facebook Group

Facebook Marketing And Management Training + 1-to-1

Online Training Course Plus 1 Hour Dedicated 1-to-1 With Desré
$925 /  +GST
12 Months Membership
  • All Benefits of the Facebook Marketing & Management Training
  • Plus 1 Hour Dedicated One-to-One Training with Desré (via Zoom)

Facebook Marketing And Management Training + 1-to-1

Online Training Course Plus 2 Hours Dedicated 1-to-1 With Desré
$1250 /  +GST
12 Month Membership
  • All Benefits of the Facebook Marketing & Management Training
  • Plus 2 Hours Dedicated One-to-One Training with Desré (via Zoom)

My Story

Online Social Media Marketing Course - Des on Falls
Online Social Media Marketing Course - Red Bull Winning Photo

My first major success story was in photography, coming from obscurity in 2001 through to being one of the world’s leading and most recognised white water sport photographers by 2004. Indeed, the most published white water sports photographer in North America for two years in a row and the very first female to ever win the Red Bull Illume in 2007, taking out two awards – Lifestyle and Athlete’s Choice.

In 2008, I was involved with marketing Red Bull and Teva athletes and had the idea to use a relatively new online medium that was only 4 years old – Facebook! My knowledge and experience grew and developed until my husband and I started Blue Flame Social Media in 2011.

Personally, I now have over 100,000 posts created, posted and managed (and counting), Ads and strategy for hundreds of businesses, both big and small, across multiple industries and over a million dollars in ad spend under my belt. As a result, I am now a trusted advisor and trainer for global brands and media agencies.

With my time now very much in demand, I have created this Online Social Media Marketing Course to open up my knowledge and experience to an even bigger audience, enabling more people the opportunity to succeed on Facebook.


What's the entry level for this course?

This course starts at the expected level that you already have a Business Page and you know how to post to the Page. I’ll take you from there..

Is the course accredited?

The quick answer is no. Why? Accreditation currently takes six months within Australia and obtaining accreditation for other countries we serve is a logistical nightmare. As the social media industry moves so fast, by the time this course could gain accreditation, it would already be out of date. That’s why there are not many accredited social media courses about and why you’ll find them very generic and light on detail. As an agency, we therefore made the positive decision not to go for accreditation but to instead keep it completely up to date to give you real world, workable knowledge that is updated as it happens.

What are your Terms of Use and Privacy Policy?

Please take a look at our Standard Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for details.

What's your refund policy?

Once you purchase a membership, as stated in our Terms & Conditions, payments are non-refundable.

What do I need to access the course?

If you are accessing this web page, you already have the hardware you need. My video training comes with supporting documentation so you’ll need to know how to download/save and open PDF’s. Make sure you have access to a reliable and relatively fast internet connection to enjoy the video modules without interruption.

What types of payment do you accept?

All major credit and debit cards are accepted, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and JCB.

Do you offer one-to-one consultations?

If you would like exclusive one-to-one time, you can book this by selecting the second or third purchase options for $925 or $1,250 that includes one or two hours of one-to-one time with me personally. Further time can be booked within the course if you require. As part of the course, all students are invited to a Private Facebook Group. I will be adding extra lessons, answering questions and running Q & A sessions within it, so you will have an opportunity to chat with me.

Is this course kept up to date?

Absolutely! I will be editing or re-recording any sections of the course as and when required.

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