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Make Sales Flow From Facebook

Our in-house team of social media marketing talent will plan out your marketing strategy and budget to maximize your profitability. By utilising over 10 years experience and over a million dollars in ad spend, we create powerful sales funnels through a very detailed and extensive design process. It requires multiple ad creatives and formats, emphasizing unique value propositions, to highly-targeted audience segments on different devices, at different times.

The key is to use psychology through relevant messages that appeal to potential customers at different stages of the consideration process and nudge them to conversion. It then has to be continually tracked, maintained and optimised to ensure the best result possible. Key points of our strategy include:

Rapid Fire Testing

A testing methodology where we validate each particular element of the offering to identify the winning combination.

Funnel Baseline

Complete management and optimization of each campaign in order to reach baseline targets.

Hypothesis Testing

With the baseline established, we then work towards driving the cost per lead or sales down through further experimentation.

Results That Speak Volumes

When a client gives us $1 and we give them back $24 – that’s a ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) of over 2,400%!

Results from a retail chain for their e-commerce store:
Social Media Marketing
A luxury hotel enjoying a healthy return:
Social Media Marketing

Our friends at Arajilla Retreat explains…

..how we built and managed a social media marketing and management strategy from the foundations up and turned it into a sales powerhouse. Occupancy went from 35% to a 70% in a matter of weeks… and stayed there!

Endorsed by the best

“Having engaged the services of Blue Flame media in 2012 to manage and build the Daydream Island Facebook page, we have seen exponential growth not only in the size of the fan base, but also in the overall level of engagement on our page. The team at Blue Flame are social media professionals – they have been great to work with; are proactive and creative in their approach and have delivered excellent results for Daydream.”

— Jane Herman | Marketing Manager

What’s Your Current Situation?

Never Tried

You haven’t tried Facebook Ads yet, or you’re boosting posts and thinking a few Likes are a good return on your spend whilst losing a continual flow of leads, sales and ultimately money to your competition.

Had A Go

You’ve had a go of Facebook ads and you now understand exactly how complicated they really are. You’ve realised how easy it is to get it wrong and how those mistakes can end up costing you thousands of dollars with absolutely nothing to show for it.


You’re well versed in Facebook Ad campaigns, utilising such things as re-targeting, the Facebook Pixel, lookalike audiences etc but for whatever reason, things are not going well and you can’t work out why.

Whatever your situation, give us a call or send us an email. We’re here to help. The difference between our agency and all the rest is a little old fashioned – we have scruples. We take the time to understand your needs and concerns and will never gamble with your trust – or with our reputation. If we believe we can help you, we will. If we can’t, we’ll tell you. We are honest, open and will always offer our best advice.

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  • Prefer us to get in contact with you?
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* We don’t share your personal info with anyone. Check out our Privacy Policy for more information.