A Social Media Marketing Course For The Real World

Let’s be clear, this is not just another generic social media marketing course you will find anywhere else. What you’ll learn is essentially how we do it – what a professional Social Media Agency does to generate success for their clients, what you specifically should be doing, and how to do it.


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Social Media Marketing Course Training

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Why My Social Media Marketing Course?

When it comes to Facebook, ignorance costs you dollars and most people ‘don’t know what they don’t know’. So, when I started teaching, I specifically designed my course to be a simplified version of everything we do here at my social media agency. If you were to bring your business to us, this is essentially a guide to what we would do to make it a success. I’m literally telling you step-by-step how I do it.

If you’ve been fishing around for a social media marketing course, you’ll notice there’s plenty of guru’s out there offering to help you with your Facebook Ads, some are legitimately great, others maybe not so, but what about the management of the page? I’ve found that’s missing every time, unless it’s a social media course specifically about this, but then it’s always incredibly outdated and weak on detail.

So many offer empty advice such as “create a more engaged audience by posting more engaging posts”. Well, what does that look like for my business and situation? What about a real world post strategy, conflict resolution, running competitions and hashtag use, etc? Page Management is a critical part of any successful Facebook campaign and at the very root of my biggest successes. I therefore cover everything you need to know about both subjects and how they relate.

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